How to fill in the gaps

Time:2024-03-09 10:19:46

1. Spade off the excess, damaged old glue

2. Cut a 30-45 degree incision

3. cover the perimeter, it's better for cleaning. If you have a shaky hand, remember to cover the floor as well.

4. Finish in time to remove the tape, do not wait for dry before removing, easy to pull out the silicone!

Attention: 1.

1.- Generally speaking, the new glue can be five years without damage, after five years, if the crack can be re-strike again.

If it cracks, you can play it again.

2.Make sure that the glue in the inner part is dry before you put the new glue on.

Punch new glue on

3. The glue should be opened according to the size of the gap, the smaller the better.

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