How do I maintain my caulking gun?

Time:2024-03-09 10:27:47

1. Always check if several dowels on the glue gun are loose, and tighten them if they are.

2. Check whether the two circles in front of the glue gun barrel are parallel.

3. Keep the barrel of the glue gun clean, often rub some lubricant to make the glue gun more smooth.

Loose glue gun dowel easily lead to glue gun out of the uneven force, the two sides of the glue speed is not the same, easy to lead to uneven mixing of glue and produce glue is not dry, but also lead to the end of the glue burst pipe.

Above is the yellow glue gun need to pay attention to the aspects of the blue iron glue gun but also additional checks on both sides of the gun rod out of the glue force is uniform. Because the blue iron glue gun is both sides at the same time, glue gun in the process of using the glue gun accessories wear and tear, will lead to one side of the force, one side of the force is not. Playing and at the same time out of force, this time the glue gun is recommended not to use, rework repair or replacement of new glue gun.

(Glue in the use of the process of not drying only one problem will lead to, that is, the glue itself has a large air, that is, in the process of gluing will be heard to snap continuously in this case will not be dry, in this case is the glue itself.)

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